Hackathon - Coding for Change

Hackathon - Coding for Change

We held the first Coding for Change hackathon last October at co-up (thanks co-up!) and it was a great success. A lot of energy went into the projects and much progress was made. You can read our retrospective for the details.

It's time for the next one!


We want to take an active part in changing society - dedicated to preventing waste and expanding the movement of sharing resources.


  • 14th July (evening) please arrive by 8pm for our welcome session
  • 15th July (full day)
  • 16th July (full day)

Please fill in the attendance sheet if you want to come, or are just thinking about it.


co-up, Adalbertstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

They very generously provide the space to us for free, so please support them.


We have three great projects and invite new and existing developers to join for a weekend of meeting and coding.

If you are not already involved with one of the projects and you want to attend please get involved now so you are ready to start coding when you arrive!

These are all projects built by grassroots communities and run on a shoestring budget (or no budget), they are all great and need your support.

(If you have a project that you think fits in with these and would like to join our hackathon, please pester someone in the #hackathon channel in slack).


Helps over 150 thousand people to save and share food.

There are two parts to the application.

1) existing server-rendered PHP application

This is the main site, and is currently being turned into a laravel app by the original developer as part of Prototype Fund - round 1.

2) new light version

A Symfony + Doctrine RESTful API built on top of the existing database with a shiny Vue.js / Quasar mobile-friendly frontend focused on the tasks you need to do now - e.g. see your next pickups, reply to messages, and contact the other people doing a pickup with you.

See our writeup for details and screenshots.

Code: gitlab.com/foodsharing-dev and github.com/foodsharing-dev

Get involved: join #foodsharing-dev channel in slack.


A new website to help foodsaving communities worldwide schedule food pickups. Currently being used by a team in Gothenburg, translated into 8+ languages.

It's a python + django-rest-framework API backend with an AngularJS frontend built using Angular Material.

This summer it's in the Rails Girls Summer of Code programme.

Code: github.com/yunity/foodsaving-frontend and github.com/yunity/foodsaving-backend

Get involved: join #foodsaving-tool channel in slack.


Travellers' community for sharing, hosting and getting people together.

A nodejs backend and AngularJS frontend.

Code: github.com/Trustroots/trustroots

Get involved: developers.trustroots.org


There will be non-dev workshops and meetings around the idea of sharing to find possibilities of support and start mutual activities, especially foodsharing, permakultur, urban gardening and tempelhof commons.

Contact: Philip Engelbutzeder butze-7@web.de

Will there be food?

Yes! Saved food will be provided and prepared for free!

Add any preferences on the attendance sheet.

Will there be drinks?

Yes! Drinks are generously sponsored by Outlandish:

The members of Outlandish want to unleash technology’s potential to make the world a fairer, better place. If you want to do that, we want to work with you. Outlandish is made up of around 20 collaborators and co-owners who love humour, quality code, and apps that challenge the status quo.

We can support co-up by getting the drinks through them, they inform us that:

We have not only beer, but Club Mate (or MioMio since CM is currently sold out because of summer festivals), Fritz soft drinks, as well as sparkling & still water

Where will I sleep?

We are organizing accommodation provided by friends and participants in the city.

If you have or need accommodation, please mention it on the attendance sheet - if you are staying somewhere please bring sleeping gear if possible to make it easier for your host.

I am not a developer, can I still come?

For a productive hackathon we try and keep a majority developer crowd.

Of course successful projects also need product people, design people, PR people, etc. So, there is no hard rule here. If in doubt get in touch with one of the projects to see if they can use your help!

At co-up we will have 3 seperate rooms available as well as a common space, so we can ensure there is productive space for developers to work.

Also, see the Additionally... section above, where Philip will be co-ordinating non-dev workshops and meetings.

Also also, we really value help in organizing the hackathon, sourcing and preparing food, and arranging accommodation. If you want to get involved in that then talk to Janina or Laurina in the #hackathon channel in slack.

Is there a schedule?


Other than our opening session on Friday at 8pm, we leave each project to decide how to organise themselves.

There will likely be a closing session, and a cleaning party too, although as yet unplanned.

Hope to see you there!