Foodsaving worldwide summer camp & hackweek

Foodsaving worldwide summer camp & hackweek

Our last hackathon in July was enjoyed by everyone. You can read a retrospective about it in this heartbeat.

To further fuel progress on and the foodsaving worldwide network, we plan a summer camp & hackweek in the mid of September.


Set up a temporary productive working environment for coders and foodsaving activists in a lovely place in Bavarian countryside.

We will:

  • improve existing functionality on
  • plan new features
  • discuss ways to increase the foodsaving worldwide network together with
  • improve communication inside and outside of the team

If you want to know more about and foodsaving worldwide, this wiki overview article and this recent blog post might be helpful.

Besides that, expect to have a great time in beautiful nature together with lovely people!

If you have another idea what you would like to do with us, please get in contact. (See end of this article)

When and where?

The Foodsaving worldwide summer camp & hackweek will take place from 2017-09-13 to 2017-09-24 in Neuried, Markt Indersdorf

What is the schedule?

There is no fixed schedule, but expect a focused work period for 6 hours per day (except for the first and the last day).

So how will we...

Some thoughts on how life will be during that week. Some of it might only be relevant if we will be a lot of people though.

... eat?

  • Are you ready to feast on saved food that comes from dumpster diving and from foodsharing cooperations in the region?
  • Are you willing to sort good from perished food, wash it and prepare it together?

... sleep?

  • Would you mind sleeping in the same room with others? That might mean people coming in late at night and/or talking together in the morning.
  • Are you comfortable with sleeping in a tent? That's usually the best way to have a really quiet time.

... get along with neighbors and parents?

  • Are you willing stop others from talking loudly outside late at night (i.e. after midnight)?
  • Are you aware of others being bothered by rooms or places that are dirty or unorderly?

... get there?

The place is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so it might be a challenge to get there without an own car.

By train/bus: From Munich, there is some public transport to get here. Use the travel planner with these destinations, sorted by distance to goal:

  • Neuried (Indersdorf), Neuried
  • Ainhofen (Obb), Ainhofen
  • Lanzenried (Kr DAH), Lanzenried
  • Hilgertshausen, Post

By Hitchhiking: from A9, get off in Allershausen and then to Neuried. From A8, get off in Odelzhausen, to Markt Indersdorf, then to Neuried. But be aware of the fact that Neuried is so tiny that maybe even the locals might not know it. So be sure to know where you want to go!

For those coming with their car, there are roughly three parking lots for visitors.

I want to participate!

If you are interested, please send a mail to Tilmann or directly join the #hackweek channel on yunity Slack. Inside the channel, you will find an attendance sheet where you can enter yourself.