Scrum of Scrums, 2016-07-04

The yunity heartbeat - it's sooo cool that stuff is happening! Have a glimpse of it on this page!

1. Pre-meeting summary

Done In progress

Split up in project specific channels: #mvp-proposal and #quick-syscon

#mvp-proposal core team

#quick-syscon core team

Challenges/help needed?

Design Team. Ambassador: Tilmann

Done In progress
Website colors are on Color Scheme SysCon "How to organize the design team?"
yunity Logos
Challenges/help needed?

Development Team. Ambassador: Tilmann

Done In progress

Work on MVP proposal frontend by Lars Wolf , visit to follow

Current walk: Walk#11 planning

Walk goal: Usable MVP proposal frontend for test and feedback

Publish MVP proposal frontend on SysCon: Code license
Work on Quick SysCon tool ongoing, most work done by Alex (Instantlink99)
Challenges/help needed?

IT-service Team. Ambassador: Paul Free

Done In progress
setting up discourse (forum) to improve communication.  (Paul)
setting up and combining existing opensource tools for the upcoming beta foodsharing community in Rotterdam (research closly to be done, building process starts in some days in Rotterdam) (Paul)
Challenges/help needed? problems with setting nginx and docker on the same server to run discourse. (Paul)

PR Team. Ambassador: Philip Engelbutzeder

Done In progress
Raphael had several TV and Radio interviews. yunity philosophy
Organizing the Synergy Hub WuppDays (7-27 July) in Rotterdam
Challenges/help needed? video editing. video taking. answering of emails.

Research Team. Ambassador:

Done In progress
building collaborative research strategy (Paul)
metamap to understand, improve and use the network/resources more effective. (Paul)
Challenges/help needed?
  • people how are willing to test several tools and methods for collaborative research strategy.  (Paul)
  • people interested in mapping sessions (Paul)

Structure Team. Ambassador:

Done In progress
Channel for Scrum of Scrums: (Tilmann) Collaborative decision finding (Paul)
Proposal to change "Scrum of Scrums" to "yunity heartbeat" (Tilmann)
visit #heartbeat to discuss

Challenges/help needed?
- help: people interested in testing and improving methods while hosting online events.(paul)

FSINT Team. Ambassador: Janina Abels

Done In progress
setting up the 'build your community', 'sharing communities' and 'foodsaving international' pages and content files completing the implementation of the guidelines subpage
renewing contact to foodsharing Russia, Taiwan and Poland creating a list of existing foodshaving initiatives, which then will be automatically displayed on a map
trying to establish contact to foodsharing South Korea (no response yet) copying the restructured German foodsharing Wiki in a dedicated space on our confluence, interlinking it accrodingly and adding missing pages
collecting success stories of international foodsavers
Challenges/help needed? In the beginning we decided to capitalize technical terms of foodsharing, but i doubt this decision now and there not longer is coherence in the spelling.

Translation Team. Ambassador: Janina Abels

Done In progress
4 Core Points translation to Spanish

Italian translation of the website by a team managed by Veronica

Challenges/help needed? Nothing, since there's not a lot to do anyways. This will change as soon as the guidelines subpage will be published, because then we will need German, French and Spanish versions of that content, too!

2. Notes during meeting

No meeting took place.