yunity heartbeat 2018-06-17

yunity heartbeat 2018-06-17

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It's summer and lots of stuff is happening! But also people are very “flowy” which is one reason why this is the first heartbeat to not be published on time :( You are very welcome to blame Bodhi and Nick!

Anyway: The spring review had a positive outcome, there were a lot of things we achieved :) There was a vision dreaming session and the summer roadmap planning lead to some clear tasks for the next 3 months as well as a good estimation of who is here for what time.

And there are lots of cherries in our garden! Some (or maybe now all?) have been harvested. I don’t know because i’m not there :)

..but here is a picture of a random cherry tree!

by Bodhi

Foodsaving Worldwide & Karrot

The folks behind Foodsharing Copenhagen started a new project called Madbroen. It's a separate thing because it delivers saved food to charities (which is not unconditional sharing, even though it's cool nevertheless... ;)). These pickups may very well be organized using Karrot soon!

The group is already created

But the Danes' potential joining is actually not the best Karrot news we have:
Last week a total of 12 groups carried out more than 200 pickups - and more and more groups and people are joining in from all over the world! We are excited and scared at the same time, as this is exactly what we want (the foodsaving movement spreading), but our developer resources are more limited than ever (Lars goes to India for half a year, Lukas to Spain, Nick is jumping back and forth between Karrot and and Tilmann is actually already busy with maintenance...). So please, if you know any web developer that might be able to help Karrot develop further, guide them to our code!

For all these foodsavers from all over the world we created a discourse forum and are looking forward to filling it with content! It's not yet completely ready and set up, but you can already have a look, if you want. The main purpose of this forum is to create a digital space for you to talk to each other. We want foodsavers to exchange ideas and benefit from each other's experiences. And we also want to get away from facebook (for the many reasons against it and because there are many foodsavers who are not on there after all).

by Janina developers are desperately looking forward to the next hackathon that will happen likely within July. There is still a lot of hard-to-test changes undergoing as we are moving all the frontend javascript into modularized, modern javascript. In theory it would be possible to test everything, but the test suites would just be massive as there would be so many things to test.

Little contributions from new developers, as well as more contributions from developers that are with the project for some time already seem to happen steadily now, which is very nice. Details can be found in the changelog, as usual. :-)

Some of the recent changes

by Matthias

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