yunity heartbeat 2018-07-01

yunity heartbeat 2018-07-01

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We are having another hackweek having found it's one of the best ways to get some more focused work completed.

We didn't advertise it very widely and our focus is more for the existing contributors to make progress (as opposed to introducing new people to the project).

As Kanthaus is quite empty at the moment we are even collecting and preparing our own meals, and doing our best to get outside from time to time.

We're also very happy to have a new contributor, Theo, who has has popped down from Berlin to join us for a few days. He's working on adding our first RESTful endpoints, which is very impressive with our slightly confusing codebase. We are happy and looking forward to expanding this approach further :)

Matthias and Tilmann's co-ordinated thinking, Wolfi reads something related to serial killers :/

Theo types text into a black box, that's what we like to see :)

by Nick


We have been on the radio in an amazing feature of 30 minutes length! This is what Jörg Wunderlich worked on for more than a year and we are very happy with the result. You can listen to the full thing on our website.


In the last two-and-a-half weeks, Karrot received lots of developer attention. Mostly @tiltec and @nicksellen worked on new features and improvements.

Most notably, two new types of conversations were added: for people who joined a pickup and private conversations to other users. Both conversations support the existing email and app push notifications, but in addition to that, there's a new experimental feature: browser push notifications. This allows us to notify you via your web browser even if you don't have the karrot website open.

The mobile user conversation view

Experimental browser push feature, to be discovered by you in the settings menu

For all those messaging features, it's also handy to have editing capabilities. We added a new pencil icon in the first two days after the message has been sent. It allows you to modify your previous message and fix all spelling mistakes :)

The pencil icon allows you to edit your conversation message

Other noteworthy changes in a quick list:

  • speed up initial loading and rendering @nicksellen
  • sorting and search for the group member list @tiltec
  • show failed email notifications @tiltec
  • filter controls and back button for fullscreen group map @tiltec
  • context menu to create new store in group map @tiltec
  • unify color usage @tiltec
  • rework of feedback form to allow feedback without weight @tiltec
  • refresh most data when karrot app wakes up @tiltec
  • mobile "pull-to-refresh" in group wall @tiltec
  • automatically mark group as active or inactive @oldPadavan
  • send correct email template on resend verification code @pogopaule @tiltec

New map controls on Karrot's fullscreen group map

by Tilmann

Foodsaving Worldwide

Our new forum is now officially open and we'd love to read you there! :)

It's the new home to our knowledge library and we're continously working on moving everything from the wiki. The aim is to make it easier for people to discuss articles and to find different language versions - because we created subforums for different languages, so that monolinguals have an easier time navigating things. Still, we need you to populate this place, so please be a part of it!

To get things started you could have a look at some questions and share your thoughts on e.g. legal agreements, food bank cooperations, the press or Karrot's new pickup conversation feature.

So many topics, but all just created by me - please help me make this forum more diverse! :)

by Janina


The mission of a collaborative decision making platform is in development again. The platform is being written from scratch using Fable+Elmish+React and currently is focused on developing well designed UI components.

by Wolfi

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