yunity heartbeat 2016-09-18

The yunity heartbeat - what has each team done, what are they doing and what do they need help with.

General events.

Long time no see! The yunity heartbeat was neglected during last month, but surely not because nothing happened. In fact, the August of 2016 might have been the most active month for yunity so far. A short overview of events where yunity participated:

Product & Development Team.


Presenting the new frontend ( Lars Wolf ) -
Starting the new frontend structure ( Flo Hoyer ) -

Renaming the foodsaving repos ( Tilmann ) -

Meeting on foodsaving tool features - 2016-09-13 - Narrowing down features

In Progress

Bringing together the foodsaving templates with AngularJS ( Tilmann , Konrad Becker , Zed Redstone )

Slack integration for syscon tool ( Martin Schiller )

Unit testing framework for ( Nick Sellen , Matthias Larisch )

Challenges/help needed

Learn more about AngularJS 1.5

Foodsharing/-saving International.


Published the guidelines subpages ( Janina Abels , Tilmann , Tais Real , Robert Lipp )


2016-08-05 - Dreaming/Planning Meeting
2016-08-06 - Planning meeting continuation

2016-09-12 Overview of destinations
2016-09-13 Preparation I - Software, Transportation
2016-09-14 Preparation II - Media Kit

In Progress

Continue the planning of the FSINT tour
Bring together other touring people ( Paul Free , Selina Camile , Lara Earthling )


In Progress

Syscon manual by Douglas Webb

Syscon online manual by Joachim Thome



Exploring legal structures ( Douglas Webb )

Meeting to collect experiences and ideas for a WuppHouse - Celebrations towards a WuppHouse

Revealing the WuppHouse dream - why do you want to live in a WuppHouse?

2016-09-08 WuppHouse meeting

2016-09-09 WuppHouse meeting

Legal framework for wupphouse: 2016-09-12 Consultation of David Matthé from trias

Talks with Robert Bankwitz about the house in Gera - house is not available anymore ( Douglas Webb , Bodhi Neiser , Matthias Larisch )

2016-09-21 WuppHaus concrete steps

In Progress

Evaluating possible WuppHouse locations

Founding a legal framework (possibly Verein)



Presentation of the yunity social survey ( Robert Lipp )

In Progress

Full-spectrum-rating ( Douglas Webb , Lucas Scheliga , Robert Lipp )



Contact with and ( Philip Engelbutzeder , Oona Morrow )