yunity heartbeat 2017-03-05

yunity heartbeat 2017-03-05

The yunity heartbeat - what has each team done, what are they doing and what do they need help with.

Foodsaving Tool.

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We are happy to receive much attention from teams of the Rails Girls Summer of Code . It's an amazing project to get more women into open source projects. It was heartily recommended to us (thanks Thea Amanda!). Despite the name, which is referencing the Ruby on Rails web framework, it's actually open for all kinds of programming languages, as long as the projects are open source and have a welcoming culture. So far, 5 teams have expressed interest in our application , which puts us in the third topmost position, just behind the well-known projects scikit-image and Nextcloud . Even though we are just getting started, there's already a lot of knowledge in our project to learn from, and hopefully this will increase manifold in the next months!

New features and developments:

  • Landing page with a map of all groups, new title font (Cabin Sketch)
  • User action history for groups
  • Store management page with overview of all pickup date settings, incl. editing of pickup dates and series
  • Updated languages: German, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
  • We do daily off-site backups now!
  • Store editing with markdown preview
  • Store create now uses the same form as store editing, incl. nice address input
  • Minimum group & store name length (5 resp. 3 characters)
  • Group names have to be unique, and store names have to be unique within their group
  • Changes to group and store name will do immediate updates throughout the page

Landing page Group overview map Pickup Management History

Foodsaving Worldwide.

  • Foodsharing Poland held a big meeting in Torun, Poland, to connect the emerging foodsharing communities of the different Polish cities.
  • Foodsharing Copenhagen is as active as ever! They are doing lots of great actions and they tell about it in English as well! (wink)
  • Joachim Thome already held the 8th online meeting with Unai from Bilbao and now the preparations and plannings lead to more concrete ideas of going down there to help him really get started with foodsharing Bilbao! Any experienced foodsavers and/or -sharers who want to join in? Write us a mail!
  • Kristijan Miklobusec shared the inspiring annual report of foodsharing Mainz, Janina Abels translated it and now it's on our wiki , so that everyone can see what foodsharing communities can make possible!


Since Paul Free put emphasis on the why from the very beginning and the dedicated Slack channel is also called why-y-unity, this seems to have become the name of the topic. The deeper question of why we do what we do in yunity, which has been raised again due to the Wurzen issue , is treated now inidivually by people. Bigger gatherings of many people are still preferred by some to initiate a creative group process, but so far the scheduling turned out to be quite difficult.

In the meantime a new section on the wiki was created to give a home to the personal statements and meeting notes from smaller groups, which already took place in different locations. Feel free to ask yourself why you are with yunity, what you want to achieve with yunity and what that name actually means to you and then share what you come up with! (smile)

WuppHaus Bad D├╝rrenberg.

  • The winter was hard and draining, so we will take a break from this project until spring.
  • Even though we received lots of attention and support, the Badue locals mostly are not very proactive yet
  • The house will not be open for the next weeks, but we still have the keys and as soon as the sun will make the plants grow again we'll be back!
  • Nothing is lost, what has been achieved is still there, but for now we need to press pause.

About the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is a biweekly summary of what happens in yunity. It is meant to give an overview over our currents actions and topics.

When and how does it happen?

Every other weekend we collect information on a wiki page and publish it on Sunday or the following Monday as a wiki blog article.

Afterwards we add a nice abstract and share it on facebook .

How to contribute?

  • Talk to us in #heartbeat on Slack about the content, the layout or any other heartbeat related issues and ideas!