yunity heartbeat 2017-11-12

yunity heartbeat 2017-11-12

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Launch of a new version! After months of coding, we replace our good old AngularJS frontend with the shiny new VueJS version. It features much more than just changed internals:

  • Fresher colors, new layout and improved forms
  • You can talk with other members on the new "wall", the home page of your group
  • Better mobile navigation with tabs on top and bottom navbar
  • Profile pages are much richer

As developers, we are also very happy about the new internals. Here are some of them:

  • VueJS with its reactivity system and one-file components
  • Quasar Framework provides us with a nice dev environment and easy-to-use UI components
  • Flux-style centralized state management with Vuex
  • Powerful translation system with vue-i18n
  • Custom breadcrumb support
  • Lightweight but powerful validation error handling of backend requests (still in the making)
  • Storybook to showcase UI components
  • Documentation page for developers and users (soon more hopefully!)
  • Continous Integration and deployment via CircleCI

If that made you interested and you would like to participate, have a look on Github and/or join our Slack chat (channel karrot-dev). We are looking forward to seeing you!

by Tilmann

The new project info page was launched on Sunday, replacing the previous karrot deployment on You can still use the same login from "" on - only the domain has moved, the data stays the same.

The new info page provides an overview about all the topics relevant to foodsaving groups: how to contact stores, how to improve your community life, how to find new members and so on. It is English only for now but in the future we hope to be able to offer our knowledge in many languages and that you can help us with the translations. :)

by Tilmann & Janina


After the foodsharing festival meeting we talked about in the last issue, the group staying at Kanthaus slowly but steadily grew smaller again. Right now we are only six people and it feels like the houses are pretty much empty.

Last week we got the opportunity to save lots of old floorboards from a skip just a few hundred meters from our doorstep and we made good use of it! Over two days we moved wood into our yard and over two more days we removed quite some nails from the old boards. This task is not yet finished but out shed is pretty full with good, usable wood already!

The most memorable day for all of us was probably last wednesday, when finally our heating system got connected! To appropriately test it we got electricity from our nice neighbor again and that led to radiadors, which actually spread heat! Without our own power connection this was only temporarily working, but it still warmed up our hearts and minds - and when the day will finally come, on which we will connected to the power grid, we know that we can directly use central heating.

by Janina development

The foodsharing development continues slowly but steadily. A new contributor, @inktrap, supports us in doing devops as well as implementation stuff, which makes me very happy as we are especially looking for people who can take on different fields - as our team is still very small and the work is broad.

The implementation of the new landing page, that should be ready for the birthday party in December, is progressing as well.

I continued refactoring and get quite some enjoyment out of it. It is interesting to see the codebase slowly moving towards being modern PHP - at least structurally. I have big hope that this will also have implications on the ability to fix bugs and introduce new features soon.

A first light on the horizon is that I recently added the first true unit tests - so that means, we start having testable units in our code!

by Matthias

Solidarity economy Wuppdays + Community meet-up

Mark the date if you don't have already: From November 20 to 27 we'll have our next WuppDays!

It's gonna be about intentional communities and the challenges they face. The first five days we'll occupy ourselves with the many different questions that come with the decision to live solidarity in a community: How can we work together effectively? How can we make decisions in a fair but also timely manner? How can we best support each other? How can we be closely bonded together while also allowing for as much personal time and space as needed? The talks and workshops will be self-organized by the people on site next week. Check out this page for more details!

On the weekend we'll hold a community meet-up. It will be an occasion for existing and potential communities to present themselves and for interested individuals to see, if they can find a community to join. Do you want to take part to either show off what makes your community special or to have a look if you can find the community you belong to? Check out this page (in German) for more details!

Come for the week, come for the weekend or come for the whole 7 days and/or tell your friends!

by Janina

About the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is a biweekly summary of what happens in yunity. It is meant to give an overview over our currents actions and topics.

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