Scrum of Scrums, 2016-06-06

For an overview of what the Scrum of Scrums is, how it's meant to make everyone's life more awesome and what your meant to do, please see the Scrum of Scrums article.

1. Pre-meeting summary;

Product Team. Ambassador: Monika

Done In progress
Built a user story map for the first release with all existing and some new user stories that could be used for the Weimar wuppdays to bring people in and to discuss and develop the project. Working on redefining the mvp. What will it be? What will we launch or show the people from yunity.
Working on personas and their happy stories as yuniteer.
Challenges/help needed?

PR Team. Ambassador: Philip Engelbutzeder

Done In progress
Talk at the Hochschultage Chemnitz ( ) Newsletter
Talk at a Hackerspace ( ) Blog-Post Kirchheim
New Website for yunity-speakers:
Challenges/help needed? Reviewing and writing the yunity philosophy ( yunity philosophy (for external communication) )

Structure Team. Ambassador: Douglas Webb

Done In progress
Launch of the Scrum of Scrums Functionalizing Structure Team Trello board
SysCons on money and legal set-up started Product: turning Kano models, estimation and specification ideas into proposals
Letter sent to Rotterdamers to reestablish contact ahead of Antonius visit yunity Master and Global presentation slides
Challenges/help needed? Searching, visiting and assessing WuppHouse candidates . Drafting solid proposals for the current S ysCons. Critical reading of existing documentation.

Translation Team. Ambassador: Janina Abels

Done In progress
Proofreading of Fair-Share Point related articles, formatting of Fair-Share Point notices Finalizing the translation of the first restructuration of the wiki
Establishing of interlinked wiki structure for the first articles in the FSINT space Writing and implementing the second restructuration in the FSINT space on this confluence wiki
Editable foodsharing graphics sent to Karolina in Warsaw Evaluating the mails sent to

Giving Veronica an overview of the website translation and waiting for her to submit Italian content, so that it can be published on the website

Keeping the Website Translation Overview page up-to-date
Challenges/help needed? There is not much going on in #translation on Slack anymore, delegating blogpost translation didn't work, English native needed for proofreading of short official statement

2. Notes during meeting

Present: Janina Abels , Philip Engelbutzeder , Matthias Larisch , Paul Free , Douglas Webb , Joachim Thome
Location: Heichelheim and online

[No notes were taken, everything was already in the summary and it was just nice to catch up]