WuppDays #7 Kirchheim near Stuttgart

WuppDays #7 Kirchheim near Stuttgart

A mere month after the Rotterdam WuppDays, the Kircheim unter Teck WuppDays began. After what seemed like an eternity of online meetings, slack chats, trello cards and wiki-documents everyone was very excited to meet once again in person. ‘Everyone’ included several new and very wonderful contributors who were able to contribute their enthusiasm and skills towards the project goals.

We were kindly hosted by Seminarhaus am Michaelshof: The building had everything we needed to work with concentration, to advance the software and design of the platform, to document and review processes and to coordinate the plans of the teams. We have now started the ‘Scrum of Scrums’; a sort of technical blog on our wiki which hopes to provide a window into the current, technical state of the project. Aside from all that serious stuff, the atmosphere allowed us to be creative and to develop new ideas. Notably freedancing, open stage, laughter yoga and improvisation theater!

On the third day one of our highlights happened: The video shoot for our yunity-song! The lyrics were written by the multitalented Daniel Hughes and performed by him and the Swing Bohème Orchestra. We could describe all its glorious detail, but you’d better just watch it (as soon as it is released, that is...^^).

Especially mentionable is the aerial footage in the video. This was possible thanks to a drone that was lent to us for this very purpose after we sent out a request on social media. This and many other experiences show the yunity spirit of unconditional sharing is real and tangible! On that note, we are still looking for a permanent WuppSpace, a building where yunity contributors can live and work together (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

In this warm and pleasant atmosphere we were able to wupp productively and creatively once again, and besides other things we created the base for our very first conceptual video, which is now already online on YouTube and Facebook:

Even more thanks also go to the amazing people of the Seminar am Michaelshof who have re-invited yunity for August, to come and spread more great vibes. Yes indeed, we will return to the beautiful place for 4 full weeks - the planning for WuppDays #9 in Kirchheim unter Teck is underway! So if you are inspired and enthusiastic - we are also looking for you. We especially need developers and designers for the processing of our website. Do you know someone like that? Tell us, please! :) Or share our invitation video:

So here you have it, the blogpost with all the best from the current core-team at the summer WuppDays in Weimar. Enjoy the summer and see you very soon.

Yours truly, yunity