Scrum of Scrums, 2016-06-20

People have been doing stuff in the last two weeks - yayyy! Read all about it.

1. Pre-meeting summary;

Product Team. Ambassador: Tilmann

Done In progress
Wireframes for new MVP proposal MVP proposal for FSINT usage
Challenges/help needed?

PR Team. Ambassador: Philip Engelbutzeder

Done In progress
Newsletter 06/2016; Invitation video Kirchheim; Video: A story of unconditional sharing; Blog-Post Kirchheim yunity philosophy
Challenges/help needed? E-Mailing, Outreach to other organisations.

Development Team. Ambassador: Tilmann

Done In progress
Frontend review by Nick and Tilmann Refactoring of frontend for MVP proposal
Store API drafts
Challenges/help needed?

IT-service Team. Ambassadors: Janina Abels , Tilmann

Done In progress
Updated the contributors page Figuring out how to best put the guidelines-subpage online on
Updated the mail template sent to new contributors with Slack info Setting up wordpress for
Put the new invitation video on the landing page

Challenges/help needed? Groupware for yunity mails

Legal Team. Ambassador: Douglas Webb

Done In progress
Systemic consensus on how we should register.
Implementing the CC0 licensing decision.
Challenges/help needed? Community education about different legal entities, transfer of ownership, etc, etc. Help with implementing CC0 .

Research Team. Ambassador: Robert Lipp

Done In progress
Create Social Media Survey Analyse Social Media Survey
Write LOIs for participation in scientific studies Ask LimeSurvey for a free ComfortUpgrade
Challenges/help needed? Managing new applicants

Structure Team. Ambassador: Douglas Webb

Done In progress
Restarted Systemic consensus es Get and cleared
Integrate education modules into wiki
Systemic consensus teaching materials.
Challenges/help needed? A couple of devs to help identify what kind of requirements are needed to code a new online systemic consensus tool. A couple of people who want to do some DIY in Darmstadt.

FSINT Team. Ambassador: Janina Abels

Done In progress

Indexed international people contacting put onto the wiki (from inbox)

Finalizing the content of the guidelines-subpage
Wrote a mini manual on Fair-Share Points Writing a howto for cooperation building and maintenance
Brought more life to the #fs-international channel on Slack
Finally found the foodsharing font
Challenges/help needed?

Translation Team. Ambassador: Janina Abels

Done In progress
Last two blogposts translated from English to German Content pages translation to Hungarian
Challenges/help needed?

2. Notes during meeting

Present: Joachim Thome , Janina Abels , Lucas Scheliga , Janina Abels , Chrisi , Douglas Webb
Douglas Webb
Location: Heichelheim, Rotterdam and somewhere in Austria (Jitsi)

A further meeting between Joachim Thome and Douglas Webb led to Doug getting some support with the implementing the licensing decision (CC0, make everything free). Not much more was discussed except a deeper understanding of team statuses... oh we're all being very productive!