yunity heartbeat 2017-02-19

yunity heartbeat 2017-02-19

The yunity heartbeat - what has each team done, what are they doing and what do they need help with.

Foodsaving Tool.

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After a lot of research, trial & error and learning about the difficulties that come with timezones, daylight saving time and a hopefully globally distributed user base, Tilmann finally succeeded in implementing the recurring pick-up dates! That means, that people can now enter pick-ups that will repeat e.g. every week, like requested multiple times. Apart from that Lars Wolf put quite some effort in finalizing the multi view and making it mobile friendly, so now our users always see the store list and the overview map on the side on bigger screens. Look at these screenshots:

Apart from that various small changes were made, Andreas Langecker also is enthusiastically contributing again and a long and fruitful dev meeting was held on the 18th. Have a look at the outcomes here !

  • We call for collaboration with foodsaving groups! Contact us on !
  • Automatic login after signup
  • Design changes: favicon, initial loading progress bar,
  • Group location (e.g. city) can be set on a map
  • Short how-to for markdown input
  • Optimized number of server requests on group page
  • Translation: Russian and Italian added
  • Localization: dates are shown in the preferred format of the user
  • New subdomain for faster development without degrading user experience on the main website
  • Planning for upcoming features

Wupp(?)Haus Wurzen.

The timeframe for the big planning meetings are still unclear. The face-to-face discussions about the general orientation of yunity and the question why we are part of it will preferably take place before them, but won't start before March as it seems. The association for the housing project in Wurzen will hopefully be founded this week, registration may take some weeks. The buying contract is in the process of being made. So the earliest time to move in would be mid-March. But also keep in mind the processes around  - so maybe it's better to expect April to start, before we'll really be living in the Wurzen housing project.

fr4nk 0nf1r3 is working on getting the permaculture project started. After finding suitable land for setting up a greenhouse and some beds for growing edible plants in Wurzen, he is thinking about ways to build up humus to fertilize the soils again. Earthworms seem to be the best way to do this. Since he thinks that making such projects in a group is more fun, he got into PR a bit and visited some events in his hometown to talk about yunity. Between herbal tea and sports, he would like to do a lot of reading on plants and also technologies that give a certain benefit to ecosystems instead of harming them.

Foodsaving Worldwide.


  • Joachim Thome is pushing Unai from Bilbao to take all his courage and approach a store. This is the most important step to really get going. You can do it, Unai!
  • Update: Unai did it! Congratulations! (big grin) Contacts to stores and local collaborators are being made, flyers are being prepared and the next online meetin is already in planning.
  • Claudie from Rotterdam contacted us again, to collaborate further. Just last week they made huge progress, when a big supermarket agreed to daily pick-ups, a food bank got ready for weekly pick-ups and they even decided to make a whole room available for foodsharing purposes in the Antonius building, yeah!
  • Claudie and Taras from Stockholm both posted in the foodsaving worldwide group on facebook , making it livlier and more interesting to other foodsaving and -sharing enthusiasts.
  • Kristijan Miklobusec 's article about the foodsharing brunch in Mainz , which is successfully held every week since two years already, points out the importance of community building, as well as providing the concrete example of how to achieve this.



Challenges/help needed

  • Suddenly there are a lot of German to English translation tasks. Wanna help? Visit #translation on Slack!
  • Setting up a software supporting translation work. (zanata is already in use, but not connected to the webpage. contact: Paul Free )

WuppHaus Bad Dürrenberg.


  • Material gets donated constantly.
  • More and more people help out on a regular basis.
  • The website gets updated regularly.
  • The statistics of how many people are curently using the free wifi at the train station are now public .

In Progress

  • Weekly meetings concerning specific topics are being implemented (e.g. construction, culture & events, why we share)
  • Cooperations to directly save food from stores are being built. If successful, the foodsaving tool will be used to manage the pick-ups.

Challenges/help needed

  • Electricity : How can we get it through sharing, even when Reik moves out of his flat? So far we only were shown solutions, which require exchange .
  • How to handle conflicts between individuals?
  • How to handle alcohol?
  • More yuniteers who are willing to stay for a while are needed! Especially those who are interested in getting involved with the local community, putting in place the mentioned meetings/foodsaving structures, finding creative solutions of money-free-only sharing approaches and being an inspiring rock for the people of this town, that has not a lot of social infrastructure, let alone alternative variants of it.

About the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is a biweekly summary of what happens in yunity. It is meant to give an overview over our currents actions and topics.

When and how does it happen?

Every other weekend we collect information on a wiki page and publish it on Sunday or the following Monday as a wiki blog article.

Afterwards we add a nice abstract and share it on facebook .

How to contribute?

  • Talk to us in #heartbeat on Slack about the content, the layout or any other heartbeat related issues and ideas!