yunity heartbeat 2017-04-16

Foodsaving Worldwide.

News from foodsaving groups

  • Nick Sellen implemented translation support for You now can contribute translations using crowdin.
  • To gather more quality content for the new blog on, we poked several people to help us out with intel on their projects, e.g. foodsharing Warsaw, foodsharing Russia, foodsharing Maastricht and some words from Unai himself about foodsharing Bilbao. More are to follow!

  • Development is speeding up again

  • Swedish translation is updated, thanks to our friends from Gothenburg
  • The page to manage pickup dates, accessible from the store page, has been extended. It now shows all pickup dates per recurring pickup date and has the option to modify and delete pickup dates, even if they are part of a recurring pickup date
  • The map location of groups and stores can now be fine-tuned by dragging around the map markers in the edit page
  • Every group has now a public information page, showing the location, number of members and public description.
  • Layout on mobile phones has been improved

Wurzen Planning.

Matthias published this announcement in the yunity Slack:

So, people, there is actually a small problem regarding the Wurzen Project: The core team currently consists of Bodhi, Doug, Frank and me (Matthias Larisch). And that is not enough. Is there some people here who would commit to participating in the community processes currently going on (and on hold) in Harzgerode? People who would come with us to Wurzen before May and start working on the house? You are not obliged to stay there forever - but currently the motivation is very much down because of the lack of general commitment and contribution.

That fits with the general change of direction in yunity that was the reason for the "why-yunity" meetings. Bodhi gives more insight in this interview (in German).

The current plan is to work more closely with the HWR e.V. and extend the team outside of the traditional yunity circles.

yunity Website.

The website is severely outdated, which already confused contributors to the foodsaving tool. Chrisi, one of our yunity members, is working on a Wordpress-based redesign of the existing page, but there is not enough content for it to replace the existing page.

In the meantime, Nick proposed to create a much simpler page, based on the Grav CMS. It would have a main page with links to the sub-projects and the yunity heartbeat would also be move there. All other content would be moved to sites of sub-projects. More information can be found in his proposal.