Developing from scratch

Developing from scratch

Ciao techies!

TL:DR; We are creating a global platform to share and save food, items, skills and resources using AngularJS, Bootstrap, Django, Elastic and PostgreSQL! Interested? Sign-up here.

WuppDays has so far been excellent. We are lucky to be hosted in a beautiful house in Malo, Italy where we've been dreaming, planning, celebrating and now a lot of doing. Here are some of our Macs and Thinkpads playing nicely with each other:

A provisional name for the project is 'Yunity' - final name to be decided shortly. For the development team it's been overwhelmingly positive despite a a challenging start: At first it was decided to start writing a new platform, but a review of the existing PHP code-base for food-sharing led to a discussion about whether the time and resources at WuppDays would be better spent refactoring the existing code-base, or rewriting from scratch.

Points for refactoring included;

  • Large, used and usable code-base
  • "Better to know your enemies [and fix them]"
  • Current development team familiar with PHP and existing code-base
  • More rapid improvements for existing foodsharing community in Germany

Points for rewriting included;

  • Moving away from PHP has benefits (easier security, cleaner code)
  • Refactoring could take a long time
  • Starting from scratch could produce a clearer and better designed platform

In the end, a vote by systemic consensus decided in favour of rewriting over refactoring. A discussion of the potential options considered maintainability, security, extensibility, scalability and how enjoyable the project would be to contribute to. This led to the selection of;

Currently the development team are not prepared for remote developers - but we are working on it and will need people soon, so please get in touch if you are at all interested in getting involved! We have a sign-up form here. You can see what we're up to on our yunity GitHub repository and on our Waffle task boards for yunity-core, yunity-webapp and yunity-webbapp-mobile.

WuppDevs x.