Invitation to next WuppDays

Invitation to next WuppDays

Ciao Dear techies!

TL:DR; In the 3 weeks during the WuppDays we layed the foundation of yunity, a new platform to share and save food, items, skills and resources using AngularJS, Bootstrap, Django, Elastic, Postgres... and we need your help!

WuppDays was an excellent experience, a lot of dreaming, planning, some celebrating and a lot of doing. The vision of the project was determined to be:


We encourage relationships where people can share unconditionally their time, skills and resources. Through these connections and communities we prevent waste and raise awareness for a sustainable way of living.


A society based on cooperation, trust and self-determination which allows people to live to their full potential and to preserve ecosystems for all living beings.

Developer Review

For the 12 of us who were present in Malo, Italy on the Developer team, it was overwhelmingly positive despite a bit of a challenging start: At first it was decided to start writing a new platform using Python, but a review of the existing PHP code-base for foodsharing led to a discussion about whether the time and resources at WuppDays would be better spent refactoring the existing code-base, or rewriting from scratch.

Points for refactoring included

  • Large, used and usable code-base
  • "Better to know your enemies [and fix them]"
  • Current development team familiar with PHP and existing code-base
  • More rapid improvements for existing foodsharing community in Germany

Points for rewriting included

  • Moving away from PHP has benefits (easier security, cleaner code)
  • Refactoring could take a long time
  • Starting from scratch, could produce a clearer and better designed platform
  • Creating as a team something completely new

In the end, a vote by systemic consensus led to the selection of rewriting over refactoring. Based on the skills of the team and the quality of existing resources, AngularJS and Bootstrap was selected for the front-end, Django with Elastic was selected for the back-end and PostgreSQL was selected as database.

So please get in touch if you are at all interested in getting involved! We communicate in real time using Slack (email back to request access), check our email, use a repository hosted on yunity GitHub repository (star it if you like the project that helps to find more developers!) and keep track of our tasks on Waffle

Next Wuppdays

The next Developers WuppDays will be from 13th - 22nd of November in Mainz, Germany in a wonderful house project where you will be provided with food, shelter, good vibes and bunch of very committed people who want to code to change the world! If you are have time to come and join this hackathon, please fill out this form. We are already 6 Developers who will be coding for yunity in Mainz, but there is space for some more, so apply now! Please indicate in the form in the motivation if you can come for the whole period or if just some days, which ones. For the group spirit and workflow we appreciate if everyone comes for the entire 10 days.

To stay tuned you can find us also on facebook. Look forward to hearing from you!

Love from all at WuppDays!