yunity heartbeat 2017-06-25

yunity heartbeat 2017-06-25

The yunity heartbeat - news from the world of sharing, fresh every two weeks.

Planning a multisharing platform

The discussion about a better software platform for sharing is going on! Bruno is working on research on existing platforms and we want to collect feedback on features that we deem important. We had discussions about P2P architecture, the user unic0rned presented us his ideas of the Karma gift website and Nick provided insight on how to create a productive work environment.

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Hackathon plannings

We have been planning our next "Code for Change" hackathon event as the previous one was very successful for us. This time we are delighted to welcome the team as well. Co-up were very pleased with our event last time and are happy to host us again. This time we have sponsored drinks from a co-operative in London ( who are interested in supporting our mission. This time we put more focus on developing three active and live websites, and on building developer community and productivity. See details here.

Raphael W has been busy working on converting to use the Laravel framework, now that he is supported by the prototype fund. We look forward to combining this work with the new foodsharing light initiative at the hackathon. Matthias also had a productive phone call with Manuel from in which he appreciated our efforts to keep the development going, and we hope to make stronger connections in the future.

The fourth and last part of the Foodsharing Gothenburg blog post series was released!

What happens here is that this food sharing point, with the fridge, the shelves and the big IKEA boxes [...] constituted a very basic infrastructure that people could use to engage in the act of sharing whatever food excess they have or find.

There is no need for constant supervision of the fridge by any kind of formal organization (a company, a charity or public authorities), which would be responsible for the giving and taking happening on this food sharing point. There is no need either for a boss, whether from a company or from a non-profit, to organize or dictate how these interactions are going to take place.

Happy reading!

The last two weeks have been rather quiet for the foodsaving tool that powers Still, even in those times, we move forward!

  • Added chinese translation
  • Showing translation progress in the language chooser
  • We now enforce code style rules for our *.styl files website

Tilmann finally pulled the plug on the old website and migrated the existing content onto different places. Existing links will be redirected to the new locations.

Plannings for WuppHaus Wurzen

Matthias, Doug and Laurina are discussing a paragraph of the buying contract which is not 100% clear. We are bound to renovate the building within 5 years, otherwise the current owner has the right to buy it back from us. Matthias is about to get a clarification on what they mean with renovation.

Foodsharing Festival registrations are open

From August 18th to 20th the foodsharing festival will take place in Berlin. Registrations are open!

Dargeluetz House Summercamp

In Dargeluetz there will be a Summercamp starting from July 29th. The week before (starting July 22nd) there is a meeting of the Schenkerbewegung and interested people. Whoever is interested in helping to prepare or participating, visit:

If people of the yunity team want to visit before or afterwards feel invited and contact Joachim via Slack (@amazing_joachim)

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