Progress on WuppDays #4

Progress on WuppDays #4

WuppDays #4 has just finished. This time the yunity team met in Chemnitz in a colourful location, named Kompott. Kompott is a culture- and community project in a giant housing complex. We would like to thank all the lovely people from Kompott for their confidence and support. Many spaces were available for yunity to establish a temporary base for these WuppDays - we moved into several guestrooms, cooked our meals in the kitchens, and the comfortable Lesecafe (reading cafe) became our living, eating and wupping space. Our first Open WuppDays took place in an even bigger location called Zukunft.

The whole yunity team came from near and far. A lot of familiar faces as well as new and cheerful ones gathered together. These WuppDays consisted of continual coming and going, with many affectionate welcomes and goodbyes. Although the yunity team increases from day to day, the yunity spirit, full of happiness and warmth, remains constant. Everybody finds a way to contribute according to their own skills and interests.

Despite being a young community, our communal life is very intimate and always runs smoothly. It is noticeable, again and again, how agile the yunity community is at adapting to its changing WuppDays locations. It surprised us especially in the Kompott, “an experiment for living and organising communally. We want to share and experience self-organising structures, create self-determined spaces and challenge urban development in Chemnitz”.

Beside the tight schedule for each “wupp” day we organised our groups spontaneously for daily cooking, celebrating, cleaning, dumpster diving, subbotnik - as well as caring for our well-being with sauna and massages.

Throughout the fourth WuppDays the focus was less on coding tasks and more about structural and organisational project tasks. Please have a look at what we are currently working on:

Introducing the yunity Confluence wiki

As we would like to give full insight on the project, all data will be transferred from Google Drive to the yunity wiki from now on. We want to keep the ongoing communication and documentation of the project as transparent as possible. By working this way we help anybody to easily join the team and contribute to the project.

Definition of a decision making process

yunity is a collaborative project. In order to implement this idea and to use this collaboration to make important decisions, we are practising and defining details for the future process. Please find more details in this wiki article.

Finding a logo

We have asked you to participate in the logo design with your ideas. Many thanks for your numerous ideas and inspirations from which further ideas will arise. The logo is still in the process of being designed and we are curious how it finally will look like. Intermediate design results are discussed in the group via the slack channel #design. Please see here how to register at slack and how to join us.

Translating the wiki

Before the translation of the foodsharing wiki can even start it needs to be restructured. Its contents will be used for yunity. The German-English translation of the foodsharing wiki will follow next, as well as further translations into other languages. While the restructuring takes place, we are working on the translation of the yunity project page into further languages.


Parallel to the development of the yunity platform, our project page is being continuously adjusted to give current information. The page is being updated and translated according to current project developments.

yunity development

Occasionally there is some coding work done during these WuppDays, too. Besides various talks about platform structure and architecture there are some moments when you can see codes appear on the developers’ screens.

Management of new applicants

Every week we receive several applicants to join the team. We are discussing how to coordinate this potential. We will generate a reliable database for all previous and further applicants. This is the only way to keep track on the numerous remote contributors and send out inquiries according to their skills.

yunity philosopy and one-pager

To pinpoint the philosophy behind yunity and transport it through every possible means of communications, we created the yunity one-pager which is in the constant process of being revised and improved.

We are looking forward to your application to take part in yunity and to welcoming you!

Warmest regards Your yunity team