We have a logo!

We have a logo!

For months, many volunteers participated in the search for a logo... then, on January 26, Manuele posted a message into our Slack chat:

Hello @channel ! After some months of discussion and passionate contribution we finally have the first version of the logo.

I want to thank @manuelw @michi @vinicio @joachim @mel and all the people than helped in the process. Please have a look and give us some feedback, but remember:

This is just a symbol, now it’s up to us to put values in it, meaning, messages of love, and spread out to the world.

Always Rock and Roll!

All of us were happy to see the results and were eager to use it everywhere: on the website, on facebook, on youtube... the next steps are the definition of a color scheme and adjustment of all our publications.

We are happy to have you here!